Saturday, March 14, 2009

Travel Tip Numbero Uno...

Come prepared with your own minibottles....

Arrived at LAX at 10:45... finished my book (great choice on the first one, bookclub!! i'm finally ready to moveon to book 2). Decided it would be a good idea to leave my quiet, Alaska Airlines terminal on my first trip quest: to find the American Airlines terminal. Apparantely, they dont let you in till 4am. And the restaurants (and bars too, damnit!)at the international terminal (and the only terminal open ) all close at 11pm. And duty free doesnt sell mini bottles. Only fifths. Dont know that i really want to start enjoying my vacations THAT much just yet.... :) so here i am, at LAX, wishing i had a tasty beverage and looking for a nice place to nestle in for a few hours nap... (oh, pause!!*** side notee\*** a police officer on a segway just drove by!!!(do you "drive' a segway? or maybe "ride" one?) LAX is very fancy). Isnt this an exciting trip report? And arent youhappy you ae still readin? Second tip of the night - check the keyboard of the cheap "computer" you use before you put your $3 in. mine, is not so rsponsive. Anyhow, thanks for allowing me a few minutes entertainment during my layover.

PS - i'm totally rocking the espanol!! some guys were talking and one asked, "el bano?" and i completely undertood what he was saying. think i'll go stroll the various non-secure parts of the airport that i have access to and listen in on conversations to keep up with my spanish lessons.

Hasta luego. t

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