Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunscreen is good.

I´d recommend wearing a lot more than i did today. I´m a little pink. But it was a great day! I even was able to figure out how to buy a bottle of flor de canas rum! Here´s a little review of the day...
this is where i spent the end of my day. my hostel has a pool in the middle of the building -open air style. not bad for $13.

looking down on the street from the la merced bell tower. everyone rides bikes here
the view from the la merced bell tower. the main cathedral is in the distance. my hostel is about to blocks down, and 2 to the right of the bell tower. the pics are a little out of order... and i´m not blog savvy enough to reorder them... the pic above of the crosses is from the granada cemetary. beautiful. they put so much into making their resting places lovely.
on the boat ride around las isletas of granada. vulcan mombacho spewed out a bunch of rock a few thousands of years ago that created this group of 300 islands. we stopped here for a fanta...
my new friend lucy. she lives on monkey island. we had to hide our packs because lucy has an amazing sniffer and would´ve gone straight for anything edible.
we met this fisherman along the way who showed us his catch of the day. beautiful fishies... too bad they´ll be dinner for someone tonight.
our trusty fiberglass boat ' guapotona (its a type of fish).

had a great day today with my guide Ramon who took me everywhere and sacrificed his poor feet to walk all over the place. I got the impression that his clients dont usually walk that far. Off to Ometepe tomorrow to hike a volcano and look for more of Lucy´s relatives.
buenos noches


  1. T - Perhaps you could bring that little monkey friend home with you to be a playmate for Maile. I can't imagine anything that Maile would like more - save for rolling around in horse pooh.
    Miss you!

  2. This post was a lovely diversion from my afternoon of number crunching. Hoping you are soaking in the sunshine and meeting enchanting peeps. B :)

  3. It looks so beautiful there! You're going to look like a local by the time you leave with how tan you're going to get! Keep on keepin' on sister....