Thursday, March 19, 2009

A few pictures from yesterday... the horses along Playa Santo Domingo on the ride to Ojo de Agua.
Vulcan Concepcion. This is the live one. Either clouds or a little plume of gas was usually visible out the top each day. I thought, originally, i'd try to climb both but once i realized how steep and nasty it was at the top (very slick shale from what i could tell), plus being in vacation mode, i kicked that idea to the curb and hiked just the "easy" one.
The road. Quality. This was a good patch. People on scooters, in vans, riding horses, on bikes... every mode of transport shared the road.
The trusty raleigh i borrowed from the hostel....No shocks and shoddy breaks but it got me there.
From teh dock of Hacienda Merida. A lovely little spot, was once a hacienda for the old regime before they were toppled. Fell into ruin for a bit, until, lucky for us travelers, it was purchased and fixed up into a travelers spot. Their sister city, oddly enough, is Bainbridge island. Go figure.

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  1. I love the photos! Are you having a great time or what???? I miss you!