Friday, March 13, 2009

How to Plan a Vacation, 101

1. After swearing off big trips for the year, receive a mail solicitation for an air-miles credit card. Realize you have a crapload of miles you didnt know you had. And if you get a credit card, you'll have more!!! Sign up for card. Stimulate the economy.

2. Call the airlines to find out if you can go to destination #1. After finding out you can get there, but wouldn't be able to get back, put destination #1 back on the list of places to go, someday.

3. Pick a book off your shelf for a region you've never been to, but just so happen to have the guide for. Read it. Front to back. (cant help myself, i really like guide books). Make a spreadsheet incl. each country, with things to do, potential diseases, food options, beach options, poisonous insects/reptiles, etc. Pick the country that has the best overall ranking. (again, i realize my spreadsheet put me in the land of dorkville. i'm ok with that)

4. Call the airlines and book a ticket! Yay! After hanging up the phone, realize that you dont speak the language. Oops.

I leave tomorrow for Nicaragua - a place many people have gone before. Really, i cant get that lost. I took a spanish class, (though i maybe should've studied a little more...).
I even made a couple reservations! And i have an excellent travel buddy coming for the second half. So I'll be just fine. I promise, Mom.

I'll try to post a few notes and pics along the way. Do you have a good travel tip for me before i head out? I'm taking a calculator, will take pics of my maps on my camera for stealth studying, and will ask women with children for help if i feel unsure (thanks Aaron, Owen and Jenny, and Alyssa for the good ideas). Lemme know i you have any other good ideas. I'll let you know how they work out. Cheers!

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  1. off you go. Travel is a spiritual endeavor. I had the best adventure of my life in France and I think I only spoke 5 words of French. I believe there is a special god/goddess that watches over brave travelers. Have a ton of fun.