Sunday, March 15, 2009

First impressions...

Every dog looks like maile. But a little less well-fed. Thanks N, J, and B for giving my girl some love while i´m gone.

People drive really fast here, and flash their lights all the time . I cant figure out the logic; sometimes the brights are on, sometimes not, sometimes you give a little flashyflash to the oncoming drivers and sometimes they flash back. Or sometimes they dont. Sometimes you flash the bicyclists or pedestrians who are walking awfully close to where the cars are zooming by. But not always.... I´ll have to figure that one out.

It is hot and humid and it´ll be nice to get out of my 2-day old clothes, but considering that i heard more snow fell in seattle... well, i wish you all could be here. It smells humid too - kinda a cross between the exhale of trees and plants, some sort of sweet sugar cane aroma, burning brush, with a light hint of soggy socks in the air. Not bad though, as a whole.

Didnt see too much yet, since i flew in in the dark, but i did fly by several discos with killer music and lots of dancing. Me gusto baylen. Think i´ll have to take a night to go shake it at the disco.

In case anyone had any doubts, it is a li´l hard to get around if you dont speak spanish. surprise surprise. i feel like an alien on an awesome new planet (i really like it here so far). But people are patient. My driver guy was very good about helping me figure out pronunciation and we were actually able to squeek out a mini conversation. People get personal fast though - he asked my age, where my novio was(?!?!), and did i like rum. I think we´re friends now.

Will post some pics tomorrow. Hasta luego!

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