Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lofty Ideals

What might the outdoor girl's ideal sunday night be made of? Simply combine a glass of Malbec, a crisp apple the size of a softball, the tastiest stinky cheese from De Laurenti, a classic climbing book and an epsom salts bath. After a weekend including the third battle in The War on the Tree I Hate and an eye-opening, awesome first day of skiing - eye opening for the deep, unexpected powder and realization just how much I need to practice beacon work and get these legs ready for the season - I figured I'd indulge in a little recovery.

Yes, I may be loving the relaxation that comes with recovery, but more than that, I'm loving my recharged motivation to get out again stat! The sooner I get after it hard, the sooner I can give myself the earned excuse to have another night like this.

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