Sunday, November 8, 2009

how do i slow thee?

i brought a significant amount of work home this weekend. not that i should be working on the weekends- i try hard to separate work and life- but sometimes sanity demands it and this is gonna be one of those weeks. but despite what i know i need to do...distractions appear aplenty...1. clean dog. 2. eat pumpkin pie with roommate and update on each others weekends events. 3. take down light fixture in bedroom and clean it. 4. shuffle paperwork that needs attention. 5. pause to ruminate on bono's amazing voice. try to be so present with bono's voice that maybe i'll get lucky enough for him to appear in my dreams tonight. 6. clean fingernails from a weekend of attempting to build fires, filling hot tubs, and tossing rocks into a river.... 7. curse computer for its microscopic memory and inability to run 2 programs at once. 8. have an internal debate about dating in ones 20's vs 30's and if it really has gotten any better or if im just trying to make myself feel less like brigit jones. 9. try to figure out how to uncheck whatever button i checked that flags my own blog for objectional content. dont think doughnuts are that sketchy. whoops. 10. wonder how its already after 10 and my work to-do list is still as long...see how easy this is? see.too bad work cant do itself sometimes...

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