Tuesday, August 25, 2009

dreaming from dungeonous depths of a ferry boat

The rule makers at the Washington State Ferries clearly haven't met Maile. If they had, perhaps they wouldn't have such stingy rules when it comes to furry buddies on ferry boats. Alas, Maile's sparkling personality couldn't sway andthe cool breeze from the "dog area" on the car deck.

I suppose its really wasn't that bad.Though we shared a space with their "spill kit"(?yikes?) and their mop bucket, we did have front row views from our corner, fantastic port holes for M to peek out of (thanks for the pic, Jen), and the intrigued stares from fellow passengers thinking I was a nutzo talking to myself, when really I was simply talking to my dog (much less crazy). I was feeling quite special in my corner.

I was digging my hands into the pockets of my down vest with my shaking, terrified dog on my lap(she's not a fan of ferry boats any more than they are of her), and then....

...Then! I saw it. The most beautiful, perfect boat (disclaimer: i dont really know it was perfect. my boat expertise is minimal - my only recent experience on a sail boat was sliding back and forth from one side to the other as the "weight girl" during a beer can race in the bay area a few years ago which left me drenched. for all i know the perfect boat could've had a hole in the bottom and was flying to shore to escape sinking. it sure looked perfect). Two wooden masts, four billowing sails, leaning just-so with the wind and FLYING through the saltwater.

I couldn't see the people on board, but I can only imagine the smiles plastered on their faces from the thrill of speed, the gorgeous blue sky day, and clear, open water dotted with beautiful islands to explore. My overactive imagination put me on that boat, in white boat shoes with a red striped shirt and one of those gilligan's island hats, of course, simultaneously pulling rigging and sipping great wine and good PBR while laughing at the side-splitting conversation and jokes of my fellow sun-tanned boaters. Since this is my little dream, lets make the men shirtless too. Why not? :)

I settled into my seat next to the spill kit with my little day dream and added one more thing to my long list of things to do, eventually. Anyone want to take up sailing lessons with me?

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